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A Sweet

Our catering programs offer warm, fresh, just a tad crispy on the outside, mouth-wateringly moist on the inside, luscious cake-style doughnuts that are a matchless mélange made with our proprietary batter, then carefully dressed in a choice of fine, artisanal toppings. Not mere doughnuts, Cake Press makes made-to-order miniature masterpieces evoking a feeling of whimsy as they bring joy to anyone fortunate enough to put them to the taste.


Cake Press is offering select franchise locations. Are you ready to reserve yours? Whether you’re interested in owning a brick-and-mortar store, a kiosk-style location, or a lucrative combination, please check our guidance below to determine your eligibility.

Are you a
good match?

Can you access $150,000 to cover the franchise fee and typical initial real estate and equipment expenses to establish your location?

Do you have a net worth of at least $350,000 to ensure adequate first-year cash flow and liquidity?

Are you looking for a business you can have fully operational in as little as three to six months?

Do you have a preferred geographic location (or locations) for your franchise or kiosk? Or would you like our guidance?

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Find Your Territory

Cake Press is actively seeking franchisees. Locations are being allocated to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. If your preferred location isn’t available, it’s either already reserved, unavailable due to state or local regulations, or we have not yet determined its eligibility. We’ll be happy to work with you to find a qualifying site.
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Marketing &

Your franchise can take advantage of a comprehensive suite of customizable marketing elements, including a turnkey location-specific website with online ordering capabilities, a well-designed smartphone app (for iOS and Android phones), radio commercials announcing your grand opening celebration, and much more!
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Support Team

You’re backed by a dedicated professional support group who’ll provide actionable insights into store operation, equipment troubleshooting, food preparation, employee training, and more! Meet the experts who will help you bring your own Cake Press location to life. They have many years of direct, hands-on experience in the industry, and will work with you to be sure your business meets its full potential.

Franchisee Events

You’ll be invited to join fellow franchisees who are operating Cake Press locations across the country at fun networking events that will build camaraderie and foster idea sharing.
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We'd love to answer all your questions about our franchising opportunity! Please fill out the form for more information. We can't wait to hear from you!

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